173 Best Love Quotes of All Time

Best Romantic Love Quotes and True Love Quotes – Talking about love is interesting. There is happiness and laughter that we can enjoy. There is also sadness and tears that leave it. Every story from falling in love is indeed a main dish that is often consumed and becomes an interesting conversation between us. Because, this world will be dark if without love.

Love Quotes

This Love Quotes can be use for your soulmate, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, bestfriend, and your family too. That’s why i like this love quote.  When i using some of 173 love quotes in this article for my girlfriend, she is very happy and falling in love and then i …. her hahaha, just kidding bro, don’t be serious. 😀

Now, we will indeed talk about falling in love. But, in a different expression. below are some possible expressions or words about love, which can inspire you to rise from sadness or maintain a better relationship. Okay, let’s look at some of the expressions.

okay lets continue to love quotes.

True Love Quotes

“Love will give you millions of reasons why you have to get up early every day and smile at dusk starting to sink.”

“You will never know how love can make you stronger than what is now. Therefore, never underestimate it in the slightest. “

“Parents always think about wealth, because they believe that the love they give to their children is greater than the love you will offer. Therefore, show that you are able to give more love than them.”

“Getting married to someone we don’t love is not bad. Remember, love comes when the eyes look at each other and when all the decisions you receive are broad.”

“We can easily finish what hasn’t started yet and finish what you haven’t done at all. Unfortunately, all of this is a feeling that it is difficult to do all this.” Inspired from the @Husnul Hotimah instagram

“Never be ashamed to meet ex-lovers. At least, you have been together in the frame of happy love. Maybe, it can come back again.”

“If you want something you’ve never had at all, you have to do what you’ve never done.” Inspired by Instagram @vibes, indo

“Love does not have to be rewarded with love. because, the theory of love is not to impose on each other.”

“Make me your home, not just let go of fatigue. Instead, the place to go home is not because of a necessity and obligation but a sense of comfort that will never be understood how it came from.” Inspired by Instagram @rshbpr

“Love can calm yourself and be able to make you feel comfortable in a hug. Therefore, still appreciate love even if it’s just a little. “

“Loving people makes time go very fast. Before you separate because of death, continue together in affection. Because, half of the souls who leave make us not return to normal. “

“The love of a wife to her husband or vice versa is noble love. Because, sometimes they are willing to lie to make them always smile. “

“Love will make you good and forget to fight how to be the best.”

“Your life journey will be perfect if you are accompanied by a sweetheart. So, look for him, so you know how happy it feels. “

“What is needed by a poet is the love of the idol of the heart. Because, words will flow when love flows by itself. “

“If I have to be told to write about my love for you maybe, my writing should not be my attitude. Because, love is felt not written in a white paper. “

“Don’t hate people because, hate is the beginning of falling in love and entering into you. If, don’t believe, try just do it. “

“When you decide to love him, all his mistakes will not change your feelings. Maybe, anger is still exciting in you, but your heart still cares. “Quoted from Instagram.

“You will never be able to live this long without any love.”

“There is no one who is fine after being left by someone he loves. Even though he is a famous poet. Or he who doesn’t even have a heart. “

“Anyone will feel how beautiful love is, no matter if he is a hitman.”

“Love is false, if there are two women near you then choose one. Because, basically love to belong to each other not to drop each other. “

“The biggest problem in your life is not having love at all. Look for that love from inside your heart so, will feel how this world grows with happiness every morning even though it still covers. “

“Two isolated couples who love each other will be fragile if one of them leaves. Because, love is a mutually reinforcing soul. If, one goes then that power will go away on its own. “

“Love betrayed is not a big storm. But, being left behind by love forever is the biggest disaster. When not ready. Its fragility will deliver it in the darkness of the world. “

“It’s a shame to make you crazy, so love the right people among the people who are right around you.”

“Love will make you open your eyes and heart that is closed, open the way that you have been doubting to pass through.”

“Stay here with me even though I often piss you off, stay there and be loyal to love me even though I can’t create laughter between us.” Inspired by Instagram @ unicornn. Diary

“We will never find happiness in the slightest if we never know what love is. “

“Love is five letters that can change your world and world and the world of people who always believe in Allah’s grace through love,”

“Why are the fighters willing to die for this country? Because they fell in love with this country. That is how love works, willing to do anything for those who are in the heart. “

“Never lie about love. Because, you will be embarrassed if your lies turn out to be real. “

“There is no need for a fancy place to gather and reunite stories that have been scattered. It’s enough special love to make it extraordinary. “

“Love is not about lovers. But, love can also be about friendship, family and much more. “

“Miss always comes at night, why? When star night will appear, everyone is tired of their activities. Alone is the scariest thing. That’s why miss always comes when night falls. “

“In a love story you are a player and director. Never end a love story because of someone else. But, end that love because of the love that is in you. Love knows better what to do than the person who made it. “

“Never lie to yourself, remember that when love has penetrated into the heart, the first time that will happen in you is anger at those who can be closer to others than you.”

“Many laugh at the world with all its secrets. Just like when love comes, and whoever we will choose to accompany the days until the last breath blows. Sometimes, it is not us who choose who we deserve to love but who we do not know or misinterpret how to love.” Inspired by Instagram @ dechan5

“Don’t blame if jealousy starts coming to attack. Because, jealousy is proof that love is present among you. “

“We don’t know what will happen in the future. Likewise love is always residing in someone’s heart and will never know whether he will remain loyal or will deny. “

“I’m not grieving when you leave, it’s just that I’m proud because love makes us human beings who love each other when the eyes first meet until the last time the eyes meet.”

“Coffee and love are almost the same, they are camo that will continue to anesthetize you all the time, providing power that is never unexpected at all.”

“Love is the greatest energy in life that can make it unable to be capable. So, if you still don’t believe in your strength. So, believe your love will be enormous. “

“Just one second I know love, one second I also know you. Dont ever go away from me. Because, love only teaches me to know yourself not, to forget you, at all. “

“It’s not easy to let go of the people we love. But, believe love is in the heart. Let the body not look at each other’s hearts, stay close to each other. “

“Loving is not just a promise in sweet words. Loving is about how you pour it into your heart. Convincing that the word love is worth saying. “Terinspiras by Instagram @tulisandiidu

“When, there is someone who gives a sense of comfort to expel him, it will indeed be very difficult or even replace it is just an impossibility that is difficult to work on.”

“Love really can’t fight fate. When it’s time to be taken by Allah, then that’s when he will leave forever. But, at least love can provide happiness for the rest of his life. “

“Body can go to leave the world. However, love will never leave a heart that will continue to be stored until later. “

“Love is the most effective remedy for healing heart wounds caused by life that you will never understand.”

“Every second is a memory that should never be underestimated. Because, this togetherness will teach us about the meaning of losing up to, we all blame time. “Quoted from Instagram @ keluhanrindu.

“Never be afraid to know love again. Because, truly love is beautiful. If you get hurt because of that, that’s just Allah’s way to give you extra strength. “

“As strong as a rock that stands firmly, the rock will collapse and melt through the water that continues to hit it. Likewise with life, no matter how hard it is, it will surely melt with love that will never fade. “

“Let him love you because of what you are, not because, what you are. Love always teaches us to have each other and understand each other’s weaknesses, not strengths. “

“Never feel easy in maintaining love. Allah is not so cheap to let a couple without a test. Only true love will never tremble in the slightest hit by the waves and the storm. “

“Loving is easy but forgetting is the hardest way. Because, not all hearts are the same. “

“You don’t need to look beautiful. Indeed, love is from the deepest heart. Therefore, your heart is beautiful first. Then, everything will turn out beautiful. “

“Many people never get love because they are busy with themselves, so they don’t see if someone is praying for them.”

“Appreciate a meeting, you know for yourself not what it feels like to be hit by longing for longing.” Inspired from Instagram @ keluhanrindu.

“The theory of falling in love is indeed strange. It’s just that, from that weirdness we can learn if after Allah, you must have love as your greatest strength. “

“True love is he who will always be on your side while you are crying, when you are silent and want to be alone. Not when you always smile and can go wherever you like. “

“Sometimes, that longing always comes not only because of distance and time. Rather, it is the desire to meet that can never be realized. “Inspired by Intagram @ keluhanrindu

“Allah gives love in the world not without reason. Rather, Allah wants his people to feel that the best solution in life is love and sincerity. “

“Now, the age has changed to become very sophisticated and fast. Time seems to be the most valuable asset because it cannot be repeated. Do you know what will never change yesterday, today and tomorrow is love.”

“Life is not as smooth as a toll road. Sometimes, we must feel the winding road by choosing the wrong person. Not to break the heart but rather to strengthen the heart. Because, many humans are the same in guarding this highway, “

“Learn from the figure of a child who is still innocent. He had nothing to make people around him like that. But, he has a sincere love to be felt by those around him. “

“Love has never misplaced fate. If, in the end, you have to separate, you will choose it not love. “

“It takes time to fall in love, don’t force it, just go ahead with everything well, so the results will be far better than you thought so far.”

“However, the biggest foundation in a family is love. If the virus still lives in their hearts. As hard as a crashing storm will not be able to be swayed. “

“Smile when love goes because of a death. Because, the eternal love will be measured by how you separate. Even though, it’s just an instant. “

“Love will teach us not to go because, a fight. Because, it is a flavoring that must be present in a relationship. Make learning that we are people who are afraid of losing each other. “Inspired Words from Instagram @ quote_romantis21.

“Unfortunately, love will not be able to pretend. Jealousy, hatred and hurt will be revealed by attitude and expression. Likewise with happiness and longing. Because, love teaches always an honesty above all else. “

“Maybe, humans can hide anything and can lie to anyone. Unfortunately, humans cannot hide or even lie to love. “

“Simple love is a mother’s love for her child. Will never change and wear off. Stay the same, even though the child sometimes forgets. “

“Many people become great criminals, because, love only teaches to choose to be loved or just love one person.”

“Love makes the imperfect perfect. Even though it takes a long time. However, the reality is that love is able to do that. “

“In the world we need wealth. But, we need love more because that is why we can look for more valuable treasures in this world, family. “

“The best place to go home is family. Where, a lot of love is given though, there are times when it hates to descend on the heart. “

“We need to learn from people who can’t talk. They talk love through action, not stringing words that are only mere descriptions. “

“Love is the most beautiful gift given to Allah for humanity. Therefore, we must take care of it. “

“Why does a child prefer love to wealth? Because, love is pure happiness coming from the heart. Meanwhile, the treasure is false happiness can just leave without permission. “

“Ikhlas is one part of falling in love, the highest science in the world that is difficult to do but, has the greatest power in describing the meaning of true love.”

“Love and passion are the same two desires, but different in reality. Where, love is a sincerity from the heart and soul. Meanwhile, lust is a desire that will disappear instantly. “

“This world is indeed very cruel. You need someone who can strengthen you in various ways. One of its strengths is Love. “

“Loyalty will teach us to look deeper into the heart. How is love and how it feels for us. “

“The world really doesn’t care about your tears. The world only cares about your smile. However, remember if love will always care about it. “Inspired by the word on Instagram @adaire

“Don’t try to remember, if you know that the pain will come. Then, give up, at the time that will take you until all this just goes away. “Inspired by @puisi_cintaO’s Instagram words

“Love is indeed confusing. Sometimes, continuous pain will disappear with the forgiveness that always appears in every teardrop. “

“Believe if the love of a woman is the biggest opium. Maybe, he can’t change a man to be good. But, he can make men willing to change for the better. “Said inspired from Instagram @coretanpena_harianku.

“Don’t play with what is called love, because, he can turn friendships into cracks. But, it can also change an enmity into an eternal friendship, “

“Time will continue without stopping, therefore, don’t waste him who never sees you with love. Look at those who are always there with love. “

“Don’t be afraid and feel alone in this world. Because, love will warm and provide the most comfortable place for those who feel wasted, “

“Love makes him happy, not seeing himself hurt because, we impose our will.”

“Revenge will be submerged by itself because of the great, sincere love of the people around it.”

“Don’t be sad if you are a naughty person who has no rules right now. Love will take you to the right and right path as always. “

“Love will find its way. However both of them split up, and the obstacles that come in the way. But, love will strengthen and be able to provide the power to break through it. “

“Sometimes love will doubt loyalty between us. Not because it’s not a mate but a test to keep trusting between the two. “

“Love is a fate that has been written based on a mate. If, he is our soul mate, however far he leaves us with millions of reasons. So, he will return for one reason only. “

“People say that falling in love is a million. But, I say falling in love is scary. Because, can change themselves to be someone else. Therefore, don’t play fire about love. “

“Faithful is difficult, if you are still in love until you are old, be grateful because, it is not easy to live together for that long. The chant of love will not be able to become a spice. So, enjoy historical days with something historic too. “

“The biggest test in a love story is longing. Because, the longer holding back, the faster it fades. Basically waiting is very boring. “

“Loving one another will not know the physical or the form. Because, when you fall in love, everything will change instantly. “

“Love is the biggest medicine to cure all diseases. But love is also the biggest virus to kill people even if no disease is found. “

“Say what is in your heart to the one you love. Whether it’s accepted or not it’s a later matter. “

“Love is honesty. Maybe, there is a good intention behind every lie. However, whatever good lies has to lie still lies and it hurts a lot. Contrary to the nature of love that loves each other not hurts. “

“In this world nothing will be perfect. The neighboring grass is indeed greener, there are still more beautiful and more handsome than your lover. You just need to find someone who never cares about everything. “Inspired by Instagram @ quotescinta06.

“Trust if love will strengthen the relationship of lovers if they trust each other. Do not be afraid to step, even though many say that love is not enough to navigate life. But, love is able to be an encouragement in improving life. “

“Love is actually simple. You just need to meet him every time you appreciate further and since then love will enter your heart. Remember, love comes from the eyes down to the heart, the more you see it, the faster your heart will wander with opium. “

“Try to be what he wants to be. Because, love requires a little sacrifice in order to continue to smile together forever. “

“My goal is only to marry yourself, no less and no more. Because, for me to be by your side is the blessing that Allah has given me. “

“Whatever mistakes you have made, true love will continue to be able to forgive. However, remember that even large stones will be destroyed by water droplets. So, be aware and learn from that mistake. “

“To love you I never have a reason, never have a pause, because, who I know, being with you is a happiness that can never be measured through anything.” Inspired by Instagram @ quotescinta06

“Believe if everyone must have love. It’s just that they are difficult to express how. But, they always know how to treat it. “

“Love is always able to cover a deficiency and turn it into an advantage.””Disappointment is one of Allah’s ways so that we can learn not to expect a lot of things that are uncertain.” Taken from Wattpad @sajakcinta.

“A long, borderless meeting makes that longing come naturally. Remember, love will come at the right time, when he isn’t on the side and you keep thinking about it. “

“Be aware that if someone gives up his happiness for your happiness, then appreciate that struggle even though it is invisible to you.” Inspired from Instagram @sajakcinta.

“Love is not just a word but an action. Because, love can make us crazy so, which is impossible will be possible. So, don’t waste your time on people who only speak love without doing real action. “

“This world deserves to be laughed at. Many of them have never used logic just for the sake of a mortal heart. “

“If until now you are still alone, don’t be discouraged because, now Allah is boosting yourself and himself to be met in a beautiful place,”

“There is space in the heart that we never know who will fill it. Because, the key to the heart is still in the hands of the right person later. “

“Thank you for finding people who are hard to fall in love with. Because, they only know one name in their heart which is you. “

“We will never know when love will come. Like, the first time you fall in love. Therefore, ignore your hurt and reopen the stifling vacuum. Because, love is ready with his new self. “

“Nothing is in vain in this world. Including when you wait for someone and you can’t get his love too. At the very least, you can learn if it’s happy it doesn’t just need love. “

“Love is a flavoring in life. So, enjoy each process. But, don’t overdo it so that it feels good to eat. “

“Women are the most beautiful treasure for a man. Therefore, give the most beautiful treasure that will never be valued by anything that is sincere love and will never die. “

“Measuring love sometimes uses wealth. Although, many say that true love will not be measured in any way. It’s just that to make the person you love smiling need more than love. “

“Like falling in love we must start with a sincere and sincere prayer. Do not ask for love to be eternal but, ask for something that is able to make you steadfast if later on yourself. “Said Taken from Setjangkirkopi.

“Before you know the feeling of falling in love, you have to feel hurt.”

“Love to death is not easy, not only requires struggle, but also an understanding between the two. stubborn is the greatest demon in a bond of love. Therefore, get rid of it and listen carefully. Because, your heart is more true than anything. “

“We will all meet and share the same story and not without reason.”

“In love there is a hardest decision that must be taken. When you are tired of staying alive, you love to let go. “Taken from the scenario of the movie, what’s with love

“The meeting starts with accident, from the eyes to the heart. Keep your eyes so that love doesn’t move to another heart. “

“Going home is the best way to let go of homesickness. Not only to the family but to you, who have promised to be faithful as long as one heart. “

“Dating is the meaning of love to get to know each other. If in the end it breaks in the middle of the road. So, they don’t know each other even though, they have said that they know each other. “

“Many fight over you for many reasons. Unfortunately, love only needs one reason, love. “

“Tonight I just want to see my eyes. How in it is stored a thousand languages that are difficult to reveal to you. “Taken from Instagram @ sajakrindu_

“Love will always accept shortcomings without having to see various advantages. Because, love is pure from the heart, not from passion that covers the soul. “

“Broken heart is not making us worse but, making our hearts stronger. Because, when a broken branch won’t make it die but instead, it will re-grow new branches. “

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a hug, often ends with tears that don’t stop blasting.” Taken from Instagram @ kata.dia54

“Someday you will miss a bad guy like me. After you find a coward man, whom you consider to be a savior god like him. “Taken from Instagram @butuh_proseshidup

“Great women are those who can and are willing to be invited to live hard and fight together to achieve success. However, a great man will always try until the last drop of blood makes his wife uneasy. “Taken from @curhatbucin instagram

“There is a heart that is empty, sad and longing to feel when this soul is no longer with you. Everything feels dark until finally I understand if you have become the dawn that brings a ray of hope every morning. “

“I don’t have better dreams than making you a companion for my life. Arranging the story up, all of this will end in a shared death. “

“Learn to get hurt before, you appreciate how it feels to love.”

“I realized that loving you was the biggest mistake in my life. But, I’m grateful that knowing you is the most beautiful gift in the romance of love that was written in a diary. “

“Allah better understands when the right time you find your soul mate. So, don’t be sad if you are still alone even though, it would be difficult to accept it. “

“I’m jealous of those who are able to get close to you and laugh with you while I can’t do it myself.” Taken from Instagram @baperr_quotess

“Sometimes we are bored with a relationship that we are living. If, that happens, then remember how you started all of these stories. “Taken from Instagram @kopitemaram.

“Your name is still kept in a deep feeling even though, at this time we have been walking alone and not fighting for each other anymore.” Taken from Instagram @literallysedih

“We don’t know who is the right person for us. Maybe, he could be the cure for all lara. “Taken from Instagram @ dinda.ambarani

“Love is a great masterpiece given by Allah to his people. Therefore, never waste it. “

“You are the reason for me to reject everyone’s heart and make him hurt.” Taken from Twitter @HeyBudie.

“We are far apart but, our hearts will never be far apart. Because, love will always be hidden in the deepest heart. “

“Love is a cup of coffee. Where, when we drink we will taste bitter but, the opium takes us to continue to enjoy it. Like him, who is always broken-hearted but, never bored to keep loving him. “

“Never regret ever waiting for someone even if you don’t get it. At least you’ve struggled to get it. “Taken from Instagram @ pejalan99

“Sometimes we are too comfortable in a relationship until we forget that all this is just a friendship.” Taken from the @ @kata.rindu instagram.

“When I miss coming, I will see a shining star because, I know that star emits a beautiful light like your ron. Not the only mortal moon. Looks beautiful but, doesn’t have the reality. “

“This love teaches me if not everyone is good. Because, I have to be a criminal to be able to choose you. “

“Sometimes I’m afraid to fall in love because, I’m afraid to get hurt. But, I will not be able to understand the true meaning of love if we have never been hurt at all. “

“Don’t expect you to be smarter after knowing love. Indeed, love makes us stupid and does what we cannot do. “

“I am a writer who can only write because of your presence. Your love is my greatest strength to make me like this. “

 “My world has been drugged by your love that ensnares my heart and soul. So, I can’t move anywhere, like when my heart is still empty.”

“Even though I’m a poet who always says about love but, I know how it feels hurt. So, don’t leave me so that my poem is still for you. “

 “I’m not crying, I’m just laughing at myself.” Taken from the instagram @sha.ir_hati.

“I still have hundreds of words for you to enjoy, I will deliver in the right time later, surely even if only in my heart.” Taken from the Instagram @patitik_

“Love and destiny are indeed two different things. Maybe, we love each other, however, we may not necessarily be able to match each other. “

“Love can always bring together two different elements. Because, actually the difference is beautiful. “

“When we meet, love has penetrated into the heart maybe, I can’t shake your hand now. But, I’m sure I will shake your hand at the aisle. “

“Let him who has gone because, the sun still shines. Because, whatever the reason is only one meaning, he is no longer in love. “

“Beloved is not just him, but there are still many lovers out there. Maybe, your love is hard to go. But, know that love will come back with him who is your destiny. “

“Allah removes love between you not because of cruelty. Instead, Allah knows that if you both don’t have a match now. Maybe later, at the right time. “

“Love does not recognize caste only, castes will always see love. Therefore, there is no harm in boosting yourself before love. Not about sincerity. Rather, about ourselves going forward. “

In the end, ihategreenjello have arrived at the end of the word about Love Quotes. Hopefully the words above can inspire anyone who reads them. Remember, love is the answer to all moods and problems in this world.


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