173 Best Quotes of All Time

173 Best Quotes of All Time – Don’t think that everyone who always laughs has a much better life and is always happy. Actually, those who like are those who experience life more difficult. Instead of those who continue to cry or just keep quiet so that what will be lived is limited to running water.

Best Quotes of All Time
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Life is indeed full of mysteries. No one knows how our story will end. Every soul that can be breathed is indeed obliged to fight. Even though, this world is like a reverse world. Below, there are some of the best quotes that you can inspire to live this life better.

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Best Quotes of All Time


“You have to see this life in detail. Because, life is a reality is not the opinion of people who make everything into a reality. “Quoted from the writings of Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

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“The biggest mistake in your life is not to waste him, or possessions but, you waste precious time.”

“Never feel defeated. Look at the films where, a winner will win in the last line. Mak, keep trying hard. “

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“Don’t forget to have breakfast this morning. Because, your journey through this day will never be easy. “

“They will always say good and bad. One thing you have to do is just listen. Because, what you know better about yourself is yourself, not those who can only comment. “

“Your dream is more valuable than anything. So, don’t ever risk it for anything. “

“Everyone is a leader. If, instead of leading someone else, he can lead himself to give comfort and calm to others. “

“For a moment we think maybe, what we think is the worst thing that dreams are like longing for the moon. But, this life began with a big dream. Just how do you try to achieve that dream. How your struggle made everything come true. “

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“Life is actually easy, just do it, don’t think about it. Because, your dreams will be far from the realities you will face. “

“Look back not to give up. Instead, to see how far you are going and how close the dream becomes real. “”Everyone has tears that are truly sincere from the heart. It is not the greatest weakness but proof, how strong he is in living the wheel of life. “Inspired by the writings of Tere Liye.

“Men are created to be strong corals and will not be afraid of being hit by coral. However, when the man shed tears for a woman. That is the weakest side of a man. A sign of love that comes from the heart. So, he deserves to be a husband. “

“Patience is the key to achieving success. It’s just that, in order to be patient it requires enormous strength. “

“Be careful with patient people, he’s like a sleeping tiger. When the tiger gets up and feels hungry, he will pounce on anyone in front of him. No matter what. “

“There are many things you can do to achieve success. But, there are also those who are able to prevent your success, there are only two words, that is, for a moment and forget. “

“Respect those who are always near you, who support you at all times and at all times. Because, he is given by Allah to help you, reaching a point you never imagined. “

“To achieve that dream requires a formula that is not too complicated and difficult. It’s not like logarithm but just a struggle plus prayer. “

“The struggle and tears will now be paid off in the future. Believe that, because there are many that prove. If you still don’t believe, just try it, tomorrow you will smile when you read this again. “

“Try to live like a bonsai where, we must be able to align ourselves with the environment. Therefore, explore the world because, that is the uniqueness of your life that no one else has. “Inspired by the writings of Maisie Junardy.

“Allah has given you everything, whichever favor will you deny so that you leave your Allah.”

“Prayer is indeed invisible and cannot be measured by logic. Unfortunately, there are many theories in this world that cannot be measured by logic. Therefore if you don’t know anything and can’t do anything to try, then pray. “

“Man’s best effort is to pray. Because, with that prayer, Allah is actually anesthetizing you to think about how you have realized that dream. “

“Never be proud of what parents have. Because, the best results are the results that you create from your own sweat and tears. If, don’t believe, try and feel the difference. “

“Time keeps running. It’s better to forget what has hurt us rather than continue to harbor it and make the grudge burning. Remember, revenge will destroy us slowly. “

“Don’t you think this world goes according to the cycle. This world is upside down everything we think is true, not necessarily true. “

“Everyone has made a big mistake that is unforgivable. We don’t need to beg to apologize. Quite enough and learn all the mistakes well. So that the same thing doesn’t happen the next day. “

“Why did Allah deliberately make ourselves wrong? Because, Allah knows we are arrogant and stubborn creatures. So, it can’t just be given a lesson. With mistakes we will learn a lot and make ourselves successful. “

“Actually, there are no fools in this world. It’s just that he is too smart to fall in the same hole. “

“Life is a long journey. wherever you go one day we will all be met somewhere. “Quoted from #ijalquote.

“Never see anyone else. Because, the neighboring grass will always be green. Not necessarily those who look sweet will always be sweet. Like a cake, it’s sweet outside, only the cooking method is wrong, so it feels strange.”

“Everything that happens in life depends on our own thoughts. So, think ahead and move forward. Always positive in everything so that our minds are always positive. “

“Smile when a problem comes. If, you cry, the problem will feel victorious and you will continue to be undermined by it, “

“Be careful with words. Because, it can be a sharp prayer for your own life. “

“Life is like a food where there are only two flavors that you can enjoy sweet and bitter. Try both because, the more flavors you can enjoy, the more colorful the life you have. “Inspired by the writings of Maisie Junardy.

“Remember if Allah’s promises will never be broken, so, just fulfill what is promised, you will find convenience in life.”

“Don’t you have fun with what you have now. But don’t be sad about what you don’t have this time. Because, happiness and pleasure is a test from Allah for his people, “

“We are always faced with a choice. It’s just that you will never know which choices are right and wrong. Indeed, all choices are true only, you must be responsible for carrying out all the processes of what you have chosen. “

“Every second is really valuable. If you don’t know what to do to kill time, you better pray. Because, prayer is the greatest effort humans can make, when it encounters a deadlock. “

“We need to dare to take a big decision to produce something big too. Because, doubts only make a mess at the end. “

“A big problem is the biggest power to tear down humans. Usually, they will choose to run to the person they love. Then, what if he leaves? Maybe, they will run away from a problem. Although, actually escape is not the right answer. “Inspired by Lea Yunkicha

“We can’t choose the best time. When problems come, or happy before. But, we can prepare ourselves to welcome his arrival. “Inspired by Tere liye.

“If life is a circle, do you want to just circle the circle that you always surround? Do you not want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new? “Inspired by Arief Subagja.

“Until whenever we will not be left by Allah. Sometimes only we often leave and forget. All of that is just how we respond to this life. ”Inspired by Ahmad Fuadi

“If we want to fight ignorance then, the first enemy we will face is ignorance.” Inspired by Evan S

“Have you ever grudged someone? I had a grudge and kept caring for it until finally I realized that this revenge made me regret. Because my victory is meaningless and my defeat is the most painful thing. “Inspired by Ahmad Fuadi.

“Learn from the hardest first because, at that time all of them can overtake their knowledge and make it easier for you to live easier.”

“We will never be able to see what will happen in the future. Therefore, always be good in every journey of life that you live. “

“Whether you succeed or not depends on yourself. If, never give up, then success will come by itself. If, always complaining then, success will be further away from you. “

“Time is too short to find other people’s assets and mistakes. Better, look for blessings and kindness for everyone. “

“We will not carry assets until we die. But, the charity that we will bring to you later. Therefore, multiply worship rather than piling up treasures that will not be meaningful later, “

“Fear is a human nature that can never be released just like that. It’s just that if it’s still harboring fear not to try something. Then, loss and regret will come instantly. “

 “Why  worry? If you’ve don’t the very best you can,  worring  won’t make it any better.” Inspired By Walt Disney.

“The biggest failure isn’t because you can’t do it well but, when you give up halfway and you can’t continue.”

“Don’t think life is easy. Do not think the rich are happy. Everyone has sad and happy feelings that have been measured by Allah. So, jealousy just fools yourself before Allah. “

“You don’t need to give the truth to anyone. Because, the truth alone will reveal it to them. “

“Don’t ever overdo it because, Allah doesn’t like his people excessively.”

“There is a point where the saturation will be felt to accompany the heart. That’s where, you have to be tough, maybe the devil whispers you to give up here even though, soon the destination will arrive. Remember, the strongest enemy after yourself is Satanic seduction that we never knew but, suddenly we do it. “

“Never assume that parents are the most evil creatures because of their hard education. Realize deep down, he loves you so much and doesn’t want to hurt you. It’s just that, pampering you right now is just like killing themselves because, in the future you won’t know anything. “

“Science exceeds a treasure. Very valuable, not only found in school but in everyday life. Therefore, it never hurts to keep looking for knowledge because, someday it will be needed. “

“Patience is a virtue. And I’am learning patience. It’s  a taugh lesson.” Inspired By Elon Musk.

“Work for something you love. Because, he will provide extraordinary energy that makes you feel excited every time. “

“Not all bad qualities end up being a bad thing. It depends on where we live it. “

“Remember the life mathematics will be far different from mathematics like at school. Therefore. Use a life formula where, one plus one can be one hundred or even minus one. “

“Be careful with anger. Because, that is capable of destroying you without you noticing. Therefore, patience is the key to reducing anger. Even though, you have to be able to train it all the time. “

“When you have too much burden, rest and calm your heart on the path of Allah you trust. Remember you are just an ordinary human who will certainly not be able to hold that heavy load on his own. “

“Be a chosen person, never be the chosen person. Because, being an elected person indirectly underestimates you, you never realize it. “

“Live only once, don’t waste for something bad. Remember, cleaning stains on a white cloth is very difficult. “

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t  found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters  of the heart, you’ll  know when you find it.” Inspired By Steve jobs.

“Everyone has the word success. So, before you want to succeed, look for the meaning of the word success for yourself. “

“Instead of you being busy looking at other people, you better be busy to see how you are. Because, there are many mistakes that you actually made but, you never realized it. “

“Pain is Allah’s way of saying something. Depends on how you interpret it. Therefore, think positively so that everything goes positive. “

“Life is not always like this, someday suffering will become laughter and vice versa. Therefore, always remember to stay simple and remember Allah if we are enjoying laughter. So that when you’re in pain, you don’t have to shed tears. “

 “You’ve got start with the costumer experience and work back toward the techlology, not the other way around.” Inspired Steve Jobs.

“Sometimes Allah grants our prayers in other ways. Because, Allah knows better what you need, not what you want. “

“Life is like a crime case in a detective film. Each, the event always has its own plot and meaning. All will be connected by itself. Making an appropriate story. “

“Actually, we are the best drama players. Where, every life story that is lived is a plot that has been arranged by Allah. It’s just that we are given an advantage to change the flow. Unfortunately, we are too lazy to change it. Knowledge and beliefs that are believed to be less capable of reversing. Even though, in other parts of the story, there are those who can. “

“In this world there is no such thing as coincidence. All that happens is divine will. “

“Try to reach all with the results of your own sweat without asking for help from parents. You will feel how satisfaction will be created by itself. “

“The Only way to do, great work is to love what you do.” Inspired by Steve Jobs.

“Heaven is the most beautiful place to be inhabited by humans who always carry out Allah’s commands and stay away from Allah’s prohibitions. It’s just that, to do it is very difficult. That’s why good, sincere people are fewer than good people who have certain goals and objectives. “

“One of the keys to success is honesty.”

“This world is indeed mortal, where good people will be ostracized and evil people will always have a place. So, be careful in this world not to be a victim of worldly ferocity. “

“There will be a lot of masks that approach you. Remember, masks are their way of slowly knocking you down. “

“There is a lot of strength in this world. But, one power that can never defeat it is the power of Allah that creates everything and destroys it, “

“if you tell truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Inspired By Mark Twain.

“The greatest destruction of man is in his nature, so, be humble so that he is always respected by everyone.”

“When you are somewhere and you only have money to buy one piece of bread. So, just enjoy the bread until it runs out. You must know how to eat bread that is a little full. Thank Allah and don’t complain about the situation. Because, when you eat bread it will change according to what you are. “

“The hardest thing is managing time.”

“When your feet are hard to step, stop. Complaining for a moment if it can make you realize if you don’t have to stop to move. “

“Never underestimate the smallest thing in life. Because, everything starts from small to large. “

“The key to success of great people is perseverance. The main disease that attacks perseverance is feeling lazy and bored. “

“Happiness is not measured by how much you have money but rather, how often you can forgive other people’s mistakes. Because, forgiving is a way to make a sad heart grow. “

 “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mindto think.” Inspired By Albert Einstein.

“If you don’t believe that patience has limits. Try to peel one by one the test of life that you live. How many tests can you pass well before it becomes happiness. Remember, this life cannot continue to lead to sadness and suffering. But, it’s time to smile cheerfully. It’s just that, it takes patience to do it. “

“Changing the pattern that you have lived today is not wrong. It’s just that you have to learn from the beginning to make the best pattern in your life achieve what you want. “

“However, parents still have to be respected. Sometimes, we often forget if what we do does not make him happy but vice versa. Be careful. “

“Since long ago man was the wrong place and full of sin. Therefore, never add errors and sins to live more calmly. “

“The biggest crime in your life is forgetting those who have served you so far.”

 “Change will came not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones. We’ve been waiting for we are the change that we seek.” Inspired By Barack Obama.

“Many words that you might be able to use to inspire yourself. Use it because, the best inspiration is not him or them but yourself. “

“Maybe, you are not a superior person that other people expect to win. However, you can show that you are a superior that is worthy to win. Life is like a game where everything in the field can just happen, “

“Since now, make long-term and short-term plans. And where, you will step. Because, without both you are like a ship sailing aimlessly. “Inspired by Fitzhugh Dodson.

“There is no harm in admitting mistakes. Because, a true winner will admit it with your head held high. “

“Exams are not just difficult life. But, the test can also be through an ease of being, be careful in stepping. Because, at each point is a test that has been prepared carefully. “

“Discipline is a way to achieve dreams. But, to be disciplined you must educate yourself. “

“Never say if something is difficult to live with. Actually, everything is easy except that we have not found the answer. “

“When you are far behind everyone. Only one thing you can do to chase it, focus and believe if you can escape. The power of trust is like a medicine that can make you do it by yourself. “

“In a match you will surely meet tough opponents. Whatever the result is not important. It’s just that, you can take the knowledge and defeat it with the knowledge you’ve stolen. “

“It is difficult that is fairness. But nothing is impossible. So, defeat the difficulties with the impossibility. “

“Giving will not make your treasure decrease but will make your treasure increase. Because, giving one you will be given two, that’s the formula of giving.”

“There are many factors that influence the failure process, one of the factors is not because of lack of science, or the ability that is below average but rather inaccurate in regulating the energy of the intended target.” Inspired by Elbert Hubbart.

“Don’t ever lose your focal point if you haven’t got what you dreamed of. Because, when you eliminate it, you have to go back from the beginning again so you can focus on reaching it. “

“There is a price there is a form. Price is a struggle in reaching the ideals in the meantime is the ideals that materialize into reality. “

“The difficulty of humans is to advise themselves to be better. Just as he advises others to be good. “

“Let alone you, great people whose names have soared have made mistakes. The difference is he is never bored to try. If you?”

“Love is indeed the greatest human strength to step and survive. Like, those who are sick but still work. Not because of money but because of a love for what he dreamed of. “

“If you don’t know how to get started then, try to stop talking later, do what you’ve talked about.” Inspired by Walt Disney.

“Shout as loud as possible because, the sound will channel the tremendous energy you need to manifest all your dreams.”

“In this world everything can happen. Including when your opponent becomes a friend, or also a friend becomes your opponent. So, never be surprised by all that. “

“Maybe the place you want to go to is full of gaping thorns or ravines. So, you are afraid to go there. Keep walking and focus in place. Spines and chasms will be missed if you keep them, “Inspired by Anthony Robbins.

“When the match starts, you will definitely do the training as hard as possible. One thing that you have to fear is a move that has been trained 10 thousand times. Instead you face 30 thousand moves but, only trained once. “Inspired by Brucee Lee

“Those who succeeded because they continued to practice morning, afternoon, and night without knowing the word tired without knowing the word stopped. Because, every sweat that drips will be a witness to how much you want. “

“There is no harm in trying something different than usual because, innovation is one way to stay afloat.”

“When failure is in sight don’t think about what’s wrong with all this. but, try to stay calm and focus on continuing what must be continued, “Inspired by Denis Waltley

“That dream will never hurt anyone, if he continues to work right behind his dream to make it come true.” Inspired by J. F. Woolworth.

“Be a wise leader because, good leaders will always be remembered by everyone.”

“The world is getting more and more difficult because of that, you have to struggle to achieve the convenience that exists.”

“Use your intuition to move your whole body. Because, your dream isn’t just moving with one hand. “

“Wisdom is those who can defend the right even though it is not from our part and blame the wrong.”

“The Japanese proverb says,” Lift the screen with your stronger hand, “so that you have to pursue opportunities that arise whether it’s a small or also an opportunity with the ability that you control the most.” Inspired by Soichiro Honda.

“When you are at the top, it’s okay if you want to celebrate a glory. But, not too long and excessive. Because, failure to get ready to guess back. “

“Sometimes failure is not a matter of us not just being able to, we are not innovating less and cannot start something new.”

“The most difficult thing is to defeat those who will never give up. Because, that tenacity makes us complacent. Until, finally lost. “

“Try to go outside and breathe fresh air. There are many experiences that you can take from there. Experience is what makes you sure if one day this experience will make you successful. “Inspired by Stan Smith

“Sometimes that compliment makes you big head. So, close your ears tightly so that you are not arrogant because, a lot of praise comes. Arrogant is one trait that will slowly destroy you.”

“Inspiration cannot come by itself but rather, it is sought with calm and peace. Therefore, try to come there. “

“You have won all dreams, from the smallest to the biggest. It’s just that, the most creepy moment is when, you haven’t started something and are afraid to start something. “Inspired by Stephen King.

“The more you read, the more knowledge you will know. The more, the more you study, the more places you will visit, “inspired Theodor Seuss Giese

“The greatest strength in your life is being grateful to enjoy what Allah has given you. Because, thankfully we can appreciate anything. “

“We can just imitate other people for their success, It’s just that we can’t copy.”

“The hardest way for humans to learn is to try not to be discouraged by what happens. It’s just that, with high optimism to work, it will restore confidence. “Inspired by Lucille Ball.

“The most difficult process in human life is forgiving others and making the human heart become big.”

“The higher you are at the top, the higher the wind that blows you want to make you fall. Then, laugh at you. Remember, everyone in this world has envy and envy. So, be careful. “

“There is something that cannot be forgiven, that is, when you can do it. But, you are still hesitant so, don’t do it. “

“Regardless of the wealth given to us will never be enough. But remembering wealth can also overthrow the true happiness of love. “

“Great success is proof that we are great humans created to achieve it.”

“Never go away from any problems. Because, the problem will get bigger when you leave, and the problem will never fade if you never handle it, “

“Education is the deadliest weapon in the world because education is capable of changing the world from the dark to the color or vice versa. So, use science as well as possible. “Inspired by Nelson Mandela

“Live your best as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as much as possible as if you will live forever. “Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

“Don’t expect success to always be present. Because, the more you are arrogant and don’t want to learn, making yourself far from everything. So, failure will always present you all the time, “

“Listen to what you have to hear from other people’s words that are so many and varied. Because, not everyone knows how you really are ”

“When you talk about dreams and success. One thing you must prepare first is failure and a sense of never giving up one bit. “

“Whatever the results that occur later, daring to go to the battlefield and be ready to fight the battlefield are the best from a process leading to the cusp.”

“Every relationship always has a different storyline. There are times when you are happy, difficult, and also angry. Just go through all the processes, because, when you are old, you will understand if all of this is the most beautiful story. “

“It is not the result that determines everything but, rather, a long process that will surely lead you to the peak of glory someday.”

“Falling in love must be honest with everything, including if you have to see the fact that your partner makes you disappointed not to make you happy. Remember, honesty is better than a lie. “

“Right now we will see many good people mushrooming. It’s just that, nowadays, sincere people haven’t mushroomed. So, many of them are good because, there is something to be achieved. “

“We are just sands scattered about, trampled on and become meaningless. But, with a struggle that is not for a moment. We can turn it into gold which is always worshiped and looked forward to by everyone. “

“Sometimes you fall asleep to forget Allah when you come sad or your soul, Remember, if Allah can help you at the right time. Maybe, not directly from his hand but rather, Allah will send his people to help. “

“For those who are struggling with all their might, even one second will be very valuable.”

“Play in a good way because, in a bad way, someday you will get bad treatment too.”

“You think of yourself as just a piece of material, even if you believe that you have great power to make everything successful.” Inspired by Ali Bin Abi Talib.


“There is one thing that can defeat money is a sincere prayer. Therefore, never stop to pray. “

“Try asking yourself if you are ready for the success that is before your eyes.”

“When a person’s mental state and mental state are always stable and excellent, it will reduce the burden on your brain.” Inspired by the Sipaijo blog.

“Success is your ability to overcome everything. One failure leads to the next failure and as it continues, you feel the fruits of that success. “Inspired by Winston Chuchill

“The theory always says that this life must be enjoyed as well as possible. It’s just that, it’s a theory that will never come true. Because, not all of this life can be enjoyed. “Inspired by Charles Lamb.

“Don’t ever lose even though you have many shortcomings because, not all humans have the strength to be their strength. Even shortcomings can provide the greatest strength. “

“Only inexperienced people who see these shortcomings as a deficiency. Because, going to success requires something different from what has been created by others. “

“Show those who have underestimated you and are also humble. Don’t run just because you are reluctant to make things feel bad. Because, when they know that you can, they will be aware if, all this time, you have misjudged yourself. “

“Angry is indeed very easy, it’s just that, being angry with who hears anger is quite right. At the right time and in a really difficult way. “Inspired by Aristotle’s quote

“Never talk about religion. Because, if the conversation is without knowledge then the religion is like an eye that cannot see. If, science without religion is just paralyzed. “Inspired by Albert Einstein.

After a few quotes accompany the journey of this story, i think it is the best quote of all time who ihategreenjello write. Hopefully what is presented above can inspire you and provide new enthusiasm, new inspiration that is stronger than before. Life is lived, not just to think.


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